Shrub, Tree Trimming and Tree Removal



april-07-pics-007Since your trees and shrubs are key features to your lawn and landscape, it is crucial that trimming is done properly by an educated professional. Proper trimming will increase the lifespan of any shrub or tree, and make your landscape more appealing.

Shrubs can be trimmed at most times of the year, but is specific to shrub species. We are happy to inform you of the best time to trim each shrub.

Though minor tree trimming can be done throughout the season, winter is the best time to do any major tree trimming. With a rope and saddle, or a 65 ft. boom, we have the equipment to reach high into the canopy for any maintenance and trimming needed to improve the health of your trees.


Need to remove that danger hanging over your roof or a dead tree? Green Meadows has a skilled team to tackle any tree removal project large or small. With a rope and saddle, or a 65 ft. boom, we have the equipment to fall any tree or safely take it down piece-by-piece. We also have the equipment necessary to haul and dispose of trees offsite.

Tree removal can be done any time of the year. Green Meadows has the tools and skills to fall any tree of any size and in any location at any time of year, or to remove your tree piece-by-piece if necessary.

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      • We’re professionals with over 13 years of experience and education in the industry.
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      • We only use equipment and products that are above industry standards to ensure the most high-quality work.
      • After you create the property of your dreams, you’ll find comfort in knowing we have an entire division dedicated to helping you maintain your property & project for years to come.
      • We keep the same crew on site week after week so they get to know you, your property and the special attention to detail it deserves.
      • Our crews don’t hurry. We are efficient with our top-of-the-line equipment, but no detail is overlooked.

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