Seasonal Cleanup



Spring cleanups are essential to jump-start your lawn! A spring cleanup includes the removal of all leaves and yard debris from the lawn and all landscape beds, and a dethatching (see dethatching below for a description) to all turf areas. All sidewalks, driveways and outdoor surfaces will be blown clean from debris that have accumulated over the winter.

At the time of the spring clean up, our highly-trained staff will keep an eye out for winter harms and other turf diseases so that we can prevent any long-term damage your lawn may be at risk for. With your yard free of debris and thatch, it will finally be able to receive the nutrients it needs to grow healthy. All debris will be disposed of offsite, unless instructed by the homeowner to do otherwise. (This service performed April-Early May.)


After a great growing season, take one more step and put your yard to rest with a fall clean up! During the fall clean-up, leaves and debris are removed and blown clean from all areas, including turf, landscape beds, decks, entryways, sidewalks, patios and other surfaces that have accumulated over the summer. This will clean and refresh your property one last time before your yard goes dormant for the winter.

Fall cleanups will help prevent snow mold and fungi damages from the harsh winter elements, along with aiding a fast rejuvenation for your turf next spring.

All debris will be disposed of offsite, unless specified by the homeowner to leave it on the property. (Service performed end of October – Mid-November.)



A dethatching is turf raking and collection of thatch, organic matter, and other surface debris using a tine rake dethatcher and mower vacuum. By removing this, it allows for a maximum flow of oxygen, water and fertilizers to enter the root system, ensuring maximum turf growth and plant health. Dethatching also helps prevent lawn diseases and funguses, like snow mold.


Aerating is a key component to lawn health. This process mechanically removes small cores from the lawn, which expands the root zone and allows current roots to grow deeper and stronger. This process also reduces compaction, improves water infiltration and reduction of thatch, which aids in reducing lawn stress, ultimately creating a darker, greener, more lush lawn.

Core plugs are left on the lawn surface to break down (usually within a couple of weeks) and reincorporate soil into the thatch layer. We perform this service in the fall when root growth is at its optimum. We will call 2-5 days in advance for you to mark any irrigation heads or invisible dog fences, as core aerators can cause minor damage to these items.


Seasonal elements can catch up to the health of your grass, leaving your yard thin with unsightly bare spots. Reseeding your yard can cure this problem.

Green Meadows offers a slit seeding program, which uses a machine to inject the seed of your choice directly into the soil bed. This guarantees a higher germination rate due to seed-to-soil contact. Adding multiple varieties of grass seed helps prevent disease and aids in drought resistance.


Gives your yard a clean, crisp look. Edging gives your property that extra eye appeal.

This process cuts away the grass that is overhanging your sidewalk edge and leaves a defined sidewalk edge again. This service can be performed any time of the year along curb, sidewalk, patio and driveway edges. We remove and haul away all debris.



Put some color back in your landscape beds! We have access to many different colors and mulch varieties. Topdressing adds 1-3″ of mulch on top of your current bed. Adding mulch not only adds fresh color, it also helps prevent weed and grass growth, while aiding in water retention to plant roots.

Green Meadow also offers the delivery of mulch to your site for your own needs. Or have us install it for you. We have equipment to haul large quantities, if needed.

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