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Wood mulch is an excellent choice to finish any landscape project. Mulch helps control weeds while allowing moisture to get into the root zone. Appropriate thicknesses of mulch will also help to prevent water from evaporating on hot days, keeping your plants moist and healthy.

Mulch comes in a variety of colors and wood types. Cedar, Cypress and Pine Bark mulch are excellent options for natural color. Stained mulches are made from pine chippings and then tumbled in stain to provide a long-lasting color. Hardwood bark mulch is an excellent option for a natural brown color. There are many more options as well – if you have a mulch you’re looking for, we can find it.

Mulch beds require a 2” topdressing every 1-2 years.


Rock beds are a great option for lower-maintenance project. Rock will provide years of beauty, and require little to no maintenance once installed. Rock beds work best for hardy shrubs beds, and certain varieties of perennials.


Trees, shrubs, and perennials balance out every landscape project. They soften the landscape and can provide year-round color. They can also serve as a way to attract birds and butterflies, or provide privacy to your property from busy streets and neighbors. Shade trees can provide a cool place to escape the summer sun, and evergreens can provide privacy and block cold, prevailing winds in the winter.

Green Meadows Inc. brings experienced knowledge to spacing and installing all species of trees, shrubs and perennials to ensure a beautiful landscape for years to come. We’re also skilled in properly maintaining them so you know they will continue to grow and look beautiful for years to come.

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