Water Features & Pergolas



landscape waterfallWhether you’re looking to create white noise to drown out the busy street behind you, or just add the peacefulness of a babbling creek and waterfall, a landscape water feature will add that extra element you are looking for. Once you have enjoyed relaxing by the sound of a pond and waterfall, you will wonder why you didn’t install one sooner.

Water features include ponds, streams and waterfalls. Large or small, we can adjust them to create just the right amount of background noise for you. They can also provide an optional space for additional unique water plants, and can even hold fish for 12 months out of the year here in Minnesota.

Traditional water features are installed by excavating out the area you want it to be. Then a heavy pond liner and fabric are put down in a solid piece to ensure no leaks. Next, we can add any number of waterfalls and streams to create the ideal backdrop of noise you desire. Lastly, we use our years of experience to make your pond look natural by using a variety of stone, boulders and rock in the appropriate space to dictate water flow and backdrop noise. Plants are the finishing touch.

You can also go with a lower maintenance style water feature and install a bubbling rock or a pondless waterfall. Either way, they will add the finishing touch to any magnificent landscape installed by Green Meadows Inc..


pergolaA pergola can really finish a landscape project. Typically forgotten in most projects, it can be an important element for not only beauty, but also privacy and an element of height.

Most often, pergolas are placed over patio and outdoor kitchens as a great way to provide light shade while separating the space as an entity on its own. They are a great place to hang vine plants or hanging baskets, and an excellent option to create outdoor lighting in an elevated place where you will not see any fixtures or wires. Pergolas can also be used to create any environment that needs separating from another space. The height element of a pergola will naturally create a space of its own.

Pergolas are commonly made with red cedar, but quickly becoming very popular are pergolas using recycled wood from barns and mills. Any wood option is available, and we have the experience and connections to build you a beautiful pergola.

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What our clients say

I have been using Green Meadows both for my personal yard and several locations with The Emily Program for the past few years. I take care of all lawn mowing in-house but when the fall season arrives, I have them power rake and or do fall cleanup at several of our properties. The crew is always professional and they do a great job. All of our locations are show places and we like to keep them neat and clean and Green Meadows does the job for us. I would recommend them to any residential and commercial type of customer!
Chris H.
Green Meadows has been providing my family a full spectrum of excellent lawn care services from a convenient menu of services for a number of years. The Green Meadow people are always professional and respectful. I highly recommend them.
Steve C.
I moved to Deephaven 2 years ago and was referred to Green Meadows Lawn care from our home builder. I have been in the hospitality business for 25 years and the service level that I receive is excellent. Our lawn is thick, very green and I have never ever seen a weed. Once the sprinkler system is set in the spring I literally do nothing but enjoy our yard.
Dan K.
We have had Green Meadows for our lawn service for 13 or 14 years and their work is impeccable. We have them do all the fertilization, spring and fall cleanup, and weekly mowing and trimming. My wife says our yard looks like Lambeau Field when they are through and really adds to the curb appeal of our home. The price is right and we never have to worry about the look of our yard. Corey and his team are thorough, courteous and professional … that’s why we continue to use his services.
Tony K.
Having dealt with Green Meadows for many years, I can say that you are dealing with a very professional company. They do excellent work, done on time, and at a fair price.
John W.
We have used Green Meadows lawn care services since moving to Waconia in 2007. Their weekly lawn care has always been completed rain or shine. Thanks for what you do.
Gary H.
I just wanted to write you and your crew a quick note to thank you for all the great service you have given us through the years. If you recall, we have had the pleasure to know you for more than 10 years now. I can still remember talking to you about your landscape education and your plans to build your company. At this time, I think you were walking behind one of the mowers and you might have had 3 or 4 part time helpers. I am glad to see that you have really grown your group into a top notch “Full service” landscape company. I am always impressed with how friendly you and your crew are. Even though your company has grown through the years, I still feel like I am working with a small operation who truly knows and cares what’s going on with our yard. This personal awareness is actually a big deal to me! We have really appreciated your willingness to work with us from year to year helping us with whatever our landscape/yard service needs may be at the time. As you know, our yard service needs have changed from year to year, but you guys have always been available to serve us as if we are one of your best customers. Also, I feel like we are truly receiving a great value and that you really do care about the people you serve. You are always willing to “make it work” for your clients regardless of the job size, I feel that you treat everyone the way in which you would want to be treated (“The Golden rule”). That’s all for now. We look forward to seeing you and your crew real soon.


Dean S.
When we switched to Green Meadows for our lawn care and snowplowing for our Townhome Association, we started getting calls with compliments instead of complaints. They saved us money and provided better service that we have received from other contractors. They are professional, courteous, and respond quickly. I would highly recommend them.
We would give Green Meadows a top-tier rating for their overall approach to the business. We have used GM for their services in lawn care, snow removal and sprinkler system maintenance, in addition to a major landscaping project for the front of our home. The professionalism, attention to detail, follow up and timeliness of the work done by Corey and his staff has been excellent. Once our landscaping project was completed, we received many compliments from neighbors on the transformation that occurred to the front of our home. Green Meadows will meet and often exceed your expectations.
Sheila & Mario C.
I just wanted to again thank you for EVERYTHING you and your guys did for us this summer. I think back to the first thought of a bonfire pit and then when the ideas started to roll and your creative juices started flowing we saw all that you were capable of. What a gift you have!! You have a great eye for a project — really taking in our desires, needs, uses, and putting it altogether into a well-thought, comprehensive plan. We appreciate every detail you considered, every corner you perfected, and every problem that was solved.
Jennie & Bob
We started using Green Meadows lawn service at our previous home in Eden Prairie ten years ago. What we really like about their service is how consistent their work is no matter who is on the job that day. I have never been disappointed with the quality of their work. Our lawn looks like a beautiful green park spring/summer/fall. All of the employees have such a good attitude – it is a pleasure to see them on our mow day. They pay very close attention to detail and anything that needs some extra work. When we moved to our current residence 7 years ago, it was a new home and needed some landscaping work done. Green Meadows designed a gorgeous stone patio in our backyard for our table, chairs and hot tub with a delightful spread of shrubs and flowers around. They did an excellent job and it still looks new! We couldn’t be happier with the quality of their work. I completely recommend Green Meadows for all of your landscaping and lawn services needs. Corey and his team are dedicated and professional and very interested in what is best for you.


Denell H.
You took our yard, which was brown, sparse and full of weeds and turned it into the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood. It is green, weedless and lush. We’ve had several people comment on how our grass feels like carpet. And, when we had that brown spot last year, you and your crew did a great job of getting it back to looking like the rest of the yard. Also, when it came to the landscaping project, I couldn’t be happier. You took a sore-looking spot of our yard and transformed it into something beautiful. It was a spot that we couldn’t get grass, or anything else for that matter, to grow. After a day, you had created a design that blended in with the rest of our landscaping. I gave you my vision and you executed it – and, ultimately exceeded my expectations. An area that was an eyesore is now a focal point in our backyard. You also did a great job with your plant.
Jaxque L.
I have now used Green Meadows for several years. I have found their work to be consistently good and thorough. If I have a question or request, Corey Anderson always responds promptly with excellent follow up. Both on summer lawn and winter snow services, the level of performance consistently meets or exceeds my expectations, which I must say are quite high.
Richard B.