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before_after_02Every property deserves the finishing touch of outdoor lighting. Night lighting creates a dream-like atmosphere after dark. It can highlight features you would otherwise not see after sunset, like stonework, ponds and trees. Most commonly, it’s used to safely light steps and walking trails.

Not to be forgotten, outdoor lighting can also add security value to your house after dark.

With the new updates in LED lighting, electric bills are no longer a budget issue. LED lights are typically 90%+ more efficient, and typically have no maintenance issues when it comes to replacing bulbs.


Green Meadows Irrigation division can help you install a new irrigation system, or update an old system. It makes sense – the company that does your installation should be the company that does your lawn care and landscape installation. We know your property best, and we are there week after week to see any issues before they become major problems. Our irrigation division can also help you with all your regular maintenance needs.
We can get your system started in the spring by turning the water on, setting the times to optimize your water efficiency and adjusting the heads to pattern correctly.

In the summer, we can make regularly-scheduled maintenance visits to ensure that your system is running efficiently and not wasting water, and adjust any bumped heads to avoid brown spots in your lawn.

In the fall, we provide our fall blow-out service to shut down the water supply from your house and clear all the underground pipes free of water to avoid damage from water freezing in the pipes.

We also offer irrigation packages in the spring. We will do your start up, summer check up and fall blow-out. You can just sit back and enjoy your lawn.

If you are having any issues with your current system, we can schedule a service call at any time.

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      • We’re professionals with over 13 years of experience and education in the industry.
      • We’re fully insured and licensed.
      • We have excellent client reviews & testimonials, and we’re happy to provide a list of referrals at your request.
      • We only use equipment and products that are above industry standards to ensure the most high-quality work.
      • After you create the property of your dreams, you’ll find comfort in knowing we have an entire division dedicated to helping you maintain your property & project for years to come.

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